What Am I Blogging About

What Am I Blogging About? Life is tough it seems. Trials and tribulations abound. It’s difficult to find our way at times. We seek guidance from others and sometimes the advice is wanting. Advice is easy to give. I have a friend that is very big into “you should do this or you should do that.” Seems like he seldom finds his advice relevant to his own life.

So I want to share my embarking on a new life. One where I will find some pleasure and internal peace. Peace has been difficult to come back just because of the demons that I fight in my life. So it’s time to make a fresh start. And it begins with this blog.

Where Have I Been?

Let’s take a look at an example of what I face in my own life. In starting this blog, I had to make one major decision. It’s called selecting a WordPress theme. I don’t know if you have ever worked with WordPress, but there are thousands of themes to work with. There are a number of sources of WordPress themes including WordPress itself as well as hundreds of vendors who are in the business. Can you imagine? Thousands of people trying to eke out a living through developing WordPress themes. Presumably, they want to use these themes as part of an engagement to develop a website.

Now I have a great deal of difficulty making decisions even regarding the smallest of things. So after having exhausted WordPress, I moved on to GitHub. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what GitHub is about. But there are a lot of developers posting their themes on GitHub. Many of them do not appear in the WordPress organized world, as they have not been given the necessary approvals to meet WordPress standards.

So it just creates more confusion in my mind. It generates hundreds of themes to try. Download, live preview, play around. It becomes the end rather than the means of putting together my website.

It’s more fun playing around with the themes than actually working on the website-writing, SEO, it goes on and on.

The Fun

If the fun it playing around with the themes, then why do I care if I actually ever put together a website? Good question. Think about it. It’s the need for stimulation – downloading the themes and trying them out.  Playing around.

So why do I feel so guilty about it? If it’s fun, what’s wrong with it?

There are externalities at play. Society (also known as my parents) superimposed a structure of acceptable behavior. I had to accomplish something. Playing around with the themes was not an acceptable use of time. The pleasure I derive from playing around with the themes was a waste of time. This was not a good thing to do, nothing tangible is being accomplished through the activity.

The Point

What’s the point of all this? They (my parents) were right. If I really like doing this, why not push it to the next stage. What would the next stage be? Learning to put together a WordPress theme. Developing a skill or knowledge that would be used to develop my own themes. Taking on a challenge. It doesn’t have to be about money, it can be about taking this interest further and developing it into something more. The pleasure that I was getting from the constant theme evaluation couldn’t overcome the feeling that I was wasting my time. If that’s how I feel, take it to the next step!

So why don’t I do it? Here is where the negativism comes in. But I’ll explore that later.

So my blog is about self-learning. Understanding what’s going on with my emotions and working with it. Working with my emotions and feelings to help me take it to the next level to make myself feel more fulfilled. Understanding myself and what moves me.

I would like to share these learnings with others. And at the same time, overcome my own demons. Hopefully, I can avoid the platitudes and self-evident truths that you see on a lot of self-help websites. Uuch, they are so hard to read and even harder to internalize. It’s a lot of “don’t worry” be happy. Have a look at the video. It will make you feel great! Sing along, and catch Robin Williams when he was pretty young!