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The name of my blog Heresnothing characterizes what I am going to be writing about, things that are both serious and not serious. Things that interest me that I may find amusing or annoying. Sharing learnings and looking at topics that may be of interest to everyone and no one.  Just writing and seeing where this might head without any particular direction in mind. Most of the search engine optimization experts out there will tell me that my blog will go nowhere. Without a definite focus, without a definite goal, it’s just a notebook. If that’s the case, well that’s most. I am gratified to know that I am doomed by the experts. leads me to believe that I have a shot at this!


The topics that will be discussed in my blog Heresnothing will range from the stock market, the City of Toronto (the place that I live), government and how it generally does absolutely nothing and other topics that normal mortals might be interested in.  As I mentioned, the topics will be both serious and not so serious, but it’s just things that I am comfortable writing about.

From time to time I’ll throw in something on the economy, real estate in Toronto, how the world has become unrecognizable to me as I get older. But there will be some good stuff too (if I can find it). I’ll also be looking at how individuals will have to deal with the remainder of the 21st century with outrageous housing prices, immoral income distribution, and the out of control freight train of globalization.

Stay tuned. Hopefully, some will find my musings will be of interest. If not, well as long as it’s fun for me I’ll carry on. But I am hoping that some of you will stop by and have a read. In time, perhaps my focus will sharpen.