Here’s Nothing – What It’s All About

My blog’s title is Here’s Nothing. It’s not quite all about nothing, it’s about my day to day experiences and how they affect my life. Sure, it might look like a lot of complaining, but it’s really not. It’s observations about the world around me, the good, the bad and the very ugly. Let me give you an example.

Ordering Runners

I ordered a pair of runners from Footlocker. Now Footlocker is a pretty big company. They have a vast number of stores throughout Canada and the United States. Browsing around the internet as I often do, I spotted a pair of runners that I thought were pretty interesting.

So I went through the tedious task of setting up another account. One of the many thousands it seems that I have accumulated over the years. Filling in the usual stuff like my email address, billing address, shipping address and other details that I seem to have put into a vast number of templates. This was after I had just completed my order as a guest.

The whole idea of this exercise was to make it easier to order in the future. Why these companies with their seemingly endless resources can’t get their act together so I can do this one time escapes me. One more time. And of course, I’ll need to remember yet another ID and another password. My god, I am really running out of passwords!  (By the way, I don’t keep track of them so I am constantly pressing on the forgot password button!). Credit card details (again), numbers on the back of the card, seemingly endless. If the idea was to make it easier to order in the future, they failed.

Getting The Runners

So let’s get back to the whole point of this seemingly never-ending story. I ordered a pair of runners. Everything was going along pretty smoothly. Emails confirmations pop up and I’m “off to the races”. I get a confirmation email from UPS saying that a label has been created. This label creation business is most annoying. Label creation means just that, they printed one. The package hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s a print job. So finally I get an advice that the item has been shipped. 

I ordered on the long weekend Monday. The shoes were shipped and then the delays started. It took four days from placing the order to receiving them. Four days to move a box in Toronto. Sounds like Canada Post.

This online shopping business is very convenient, if they get it right. It’s very inconvenient if they get it wrong. They seem to get it wrong as often as they get it right.

What A Waste of Time

The shoes arrive and guess what, they don’t fit. What a waste of time. The problem is that they offer items online that don’t appear in the store. You’re stuck. Now I have to go to the store to return them anyway.